Featured Nikon Club Photographer - Kenny Ng

Date Published: 12/13/2011
Category: Behind the Nikon Cameras

1. How did you get started in Photography?

During my school day back in 1994, when I was in Form 4 and I was involved with school yearly magazine, that was my first time touched a SLR (analog) camera for helping to snap class photos. Since then I fell in love with photography and very active with it.

2. What range and models of equipment do you use?

Nikon FM10 was my 1st SLR back in 1995 and still in working condition. Now I owned Nikon D90, Nikkor 105mm f2.8 VR (Micro), Nikkor 50mm f1.4D, Nikkor 70-300mm VR, Nikkor 10-24mm DX and Tamron 17-50 f2.8 VC.

3.  What is your favourite subject(s)?

Lifestyle, Scenery/Landscape, Abstract and Still Life.

4. How did you know about Nikon Club Malaysia?

Via Nikon Malaysia website and from friends. 

5. Can you describe briefly of your images. (Please select up to 10 images)

KN01 - Taken in KTM station in KL during a photowalk with my group of friends. I saw this man sitting alone quietly and read newspaper without interference form the noise of Komuter. I was trying to shoot to see the movement of Komuter while the man in static position.

KN02 - Taken in Petaling Street, saw this old lady selling dumpling for life. I'm so touched with her spirits although can't walk well but still stay strong to sell dumpling in Petaling Street. I was trying to show about 'Hard Life' in this picture.

KN03 - Taken in Botanic Garden in Penang while taken my late father to walk after his operation. My intention was just to snap the red leaf, after I uploaded to computer only realised there is a small red spider there.

KN04 - Same day as KN03 taken in Botanic Garden, I was impressed with the 'Team Spirits' of the ants.

KN05 - Taken during Japan Super GT in Sepang, it was the moment the race car had late break and almost spun.

KN06 - Taken in Kek Lok Si Penang during Chinese New Year. Finally I got the chance to see the completed status of Kwan Yin.

KN07 - Taken in Ulu Yam Selangor by my Nikon FM10. That was the time I work with government department and helping to do river cleaning program with National Service for the first year. I saw this nice scene and immediately snap it.

KN08 - Taken in Teluk Air Tawar, Penang. It was back in 1995 while I was just a newbie in photography, I was so excited to snap a sunset view and continuing went to the same location for entire week everyday just to wait for the sunset colour that I wanted.

KN09 - Same location as KN08, this taken earlier few days than KN08 which the colour wasn't I wanted, but it turns up well.

KN10 - Taken in Bukit Hijau Waterfalls in Kedah back in 1996 with my FM10. I was trying to capture the water movement with slow speed, my first experiment that time.

6. Do you have a favourite place for your photography?

Not really, to me everywhere also can take, but subject to regulation & safety. Some places people are not friendly & restriction on photography.

8. What do you like most about photography?

I like photography because it is an amazing tool to capture every moment of our life.