Featured Nikon Club Photographer - Shahreen

Date Published: 11/28/2011
Category: Behind the Nikon Cameras

How did you get started in Photography?

I startphotography during my secondary school. I love to photograph every place i hadbeen visited. After entering university, I purchased a digital compact. Duringmy 1st payroll in my career I purchased my lovely Nikon D80. Since i got my 1stdslr, my photography activities is my top hobby. i love to travel with myfriends and capture beautiful landscape.

What range and models of equipment do you use?

My 1st DSLR in nikon D80+Nikkor 18-135mm+SB 800 where Ibought on Oct 2008. On January 2010 I bought Nikon D300s for my primary bodyand I convert my Nikon D80 into full Infrared body.

What is your favourite subject(s)?

My favourite subject in mainly landscape. especially where I can captureusing slow shutter. other than landscape, I love to capture anything related toMacrophotography. Of course, all the small creatures will fascinate me when itbeing captured by my dslr. I also love to capture unique subj such as uniqueevents, unique architecture and cute child portraiture.

How did you know about Nikon Club Malaysia?

I know Nikon Club Malaysia after browsing the internet. Justa leisure browsing about nikon, and i finally found the webpage!..

Can you describe briefly of your images.

 A lovely landscape of old Thailand Royal Palace. This picture is anInfrared picture.

 The most beautiful waterfall in Malaysia located at Maran, Pahang.

 HDR image of Coloutful sunset at Muar, Johor.

 Candid of my friend trying to frame the other friend at Surabaya Town,Indonesia.

 Beautiful scenary at Bromo Semeru Tengger National Park, Indonesia.

 Silhoutteof local boy playing alone at Kanjeran Beach,Surabaya, Indonesia.

DanauToba - Moonlight and sulfur gives colour at Mount Sibayak, Sumatra, Indonesia.

 DanauToba - Peaceful morning at Toba Lake, Sumatra, Indonesia.

 TasikChini - A Bothouse at Tasik Chini, Pahang

 Royal Belum For Caring Mom. A lovely spider protecting her eggs.

Do you have a favourite place for your photography?

My favourite place for photography in mainly at the top atmountain, especially at Volcanic Mountain. The view up there always make merealize how beautiful the world is. Of course, my dream place is to captureAurora Borealis at Iceland.

What do you like most about photography?

Photography can make human to change. The impact of aphotograph can change human perception about anything. Perhaps in a good way. Aphotograph can tell a lot of story without explain. How great to have such apicture!!!

Thanks forgiving the opportunity to me. If you want other picture you can seeat my flickr. Thanks again.