Featured Nikon Club Photographer - Agora Digital

Date Published: 11/22/2011
Category: Behind the Nikon Cameras

 1. How did you get started in Photography? 

Early 1989,in form three i have tried my dad camera and get love with it,it is Yashica.

2. What range and models of equipment do you use?

Nikon d90 and a few lenses.

3. What is your favourite subject(s)? 

Nature,landscape with art elements.

4. How did you know about Nikon Club Malaysia? 

From my friend.

5. Do you have a favourite place for your photography? 

Yup...all around the world (if nikon can sponsor)

6. What do you like most about photography? 

The moment ,the thrill, and the product.

7. Can you describe briefly of your images?

1) birding - my 1st birding shot at fraser hill...veryexciting and sweet moment

2) bukit panorama - peacefull 'Subuh'....no word can describetats moment

3) diff view- trying new angle and break the rule but stillcatchy on my eyes.ehhe..location Pulau Tioman

4) kerdas - one of the famous 'Ulam' for malay people..saleby women at pekan sehari temerloh...nice showroom...

5) lata mentagan - ummm...think twice to get backagain...hard journey but have a lot to shot

6) lighting - love the lighting and the face....ROCCKKKKK !!!yeye 

7) mist - mysteryyy, and besttt location fraser hill

8) Movement - try cacth the menjala activity...evening at sg kuantan

9) pantai sepat - sunset at pantai sepat with stand alonePokok kelapa

10) Spider - macro..my fav. shot..like Apache Heli? ehhe