Nikon Malaysia Extended Warranty: Terms and Conditions

Date Published: 4/14/2015
Category: Nikon Malaysia

Nikon Malaysia Extended Warranty (“NMEW”)

Terms and Conditions

1. By registering in Nikon Club website (, you acknowledge and agree that Nikon Malaysia may use your Nikon Club Username and password for all valid business purposes it deems appropriate, including, without limitation, to (a) access and update your Account information and records, and/or (b) assist you with applying for extended warranty or redeeming products which is offered by Nikon Malaysia.

  1. Nikon Malaysia reserves the right to amend, modify or cancel the promotion at any time, with or without notice.
  2. Extended warranty offered by Nikon Malaysia (NMEW), commences from the end of the default warranty period for a duration stipulated in your NMEW confirmation notice. (For e.g. You have purchase your camera on 1st January 2015, Extended warranty will be start on 1st January 2016 after the default warranty.)
  3. The NMEW is open for customers in Malaysia and Nikon Malaysia camera set only.
  4. It is a condition that you are responsible for retaining information (such as receipt) relating to the proof of date of purchase, which is required in order for Nikon Malaysia to fulfill this warranty.
  5. Subsidiaries/Business Partner/Dealers are strictly NOT allowed to participate in these promotions.
  6. To claim for any service under NMEW, the following MUST be presented at the time of service:
    1. Original proof of purchase
    2. NMEW confirmation notice, and
    3. Original Nikon Malaysia warranty card.                                           
  1. Nikon Malaysia reserves the right to reject any warranty claim if the verification documents in Clause 6, is not presented at time of service, in which case, normal service charges shall apply.NMEW is non-transferable and is valid only for the product and serial number stated on the warranty card.
  2. The NMEW is non-exchangeable for cash or any other gift/products.
  3. To validate the warranty card, the customer is required to fill in all necessary information (owner's name, address, telephone number, e-mail address and date of purchase) on the front.
  4. All costs, including mail, transportation, insurance and other incidental charges in relation to repair work, are at the customer’s expense. All other claims of any nature are not covered.
  5. The original and extended warranty does not apply to any of the following: 

            i. Defects or malfunctions caused by damage resulting from improper care, misuse or abuse of the product, or operation of the product contrary to the instructions contained in the owner’s manual.

             ii. Damage or defect caused by accident, leakage of batteries, sand, solid, liquid and the like.

             iii. Damage caused during transportation or mail.

             iv. Damage caused by any modification or servicing performed by person(s) other than Nikon authorized service facility.

             v. Accessories, including batteries and AC adaptor, and other consumables.

             vi. Any electronic data loss due to malfunctioning or repair of the product.

           vii. Any consequential or incidental damages resulting from any breach of warranty express or implied, applicable to the product.

            viii. The serial number has been altered or removed.

  1. The said warranty is only applicable for Nikon Malaysia camera set.
  2. The decision of Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd is final and binding; no appeal shall be entertained for any reason whatsoever.
  3. Nikon Club Website Terms & Conditions can be found at
  4. This promotion is subject always to stock availability on a first come first served basis.
  5. This promotion is not exchangeable with any form of cash or any other products.