What are the terms and conditions for registering NCM events/workshops?

Date Published: 8/21/2011
Category: FAQ

Terms & Conditions for the payment of fee for a Workshop or Photo Activity organised by NikonClub Malaysia

1. By registering for this event, you explicitly agree to all the terms and conditions below.

1.1 Nikon users MUST be a registered member of the NikonClub Malaysia (NCM) to  participate in any of the list of posted workshops or activities unless invited by the Management Committee of the Club. Participant  may require to pay a fee as advertised. To become a FREE member of the NikonClub Malaysia, please log on to www.nikonclub.com.my for registration and details.

1.2 Interested users will have or 'register ' their interest by stating their name on the REGISTRATION BOOKING column on the workshop or activity as listed on the website together by providing information such as  email and/or telephone contact as requested. By registering your interest on the REGISTRATION BOOKING, your participation is only confirmed provided you make full payment for the fee required as advertised.

1.3 Payment of fee for a workshop or activity must be made at least 7 (Seven) days before the commencement of a workshop or activity. There are 3 payment methods available

  • Cash or credit card – Payment can only be made in person at the Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur, Berjaya Times Square (NCKL)
  • Bank Transfer - Direct payment into Futuromic Photo AV Sdn Bhd at MAYBANK account 5140-4821-4085.
  • Cheque - Any payment in cheque is to be made payable to Futuromic Photo AV Sdn Bhd. Participation is only confirmed once the cheque is cleared (normally 3 working days).

2. All participants who have registered and paid in full, any postponement of a workshop date by participant(s) is allowed, but no refund of fee. Any participant(s) who have paid in full and failed to attend a booked workshop is deemed to have postponed at  his/her own accord, even without informing in writing (email) or by telephone. As such, the participant (s) is/are required to re book his/her new date for a same workshop at a later stage as advertised or announced on the Club’s website with the NCM by applying  the clause 1.1 as stated as above.

2.1 Alternatively, the participant (s) can bring the paid fee amount forward for a new workshop/activity.  In addition, should there be a difference of a lower amount of the paid fee against the new fee; the participant(s) has to pay difference. However, should there be a higher amount been already paid against the new workshop/activity fee, there shall be no refund for any differences.

3. NCM reserves the right to refund any amount if it choose to do so, due to compassion reasons, but an administration fee of RM10.00 (Ringgit: Ten only) to RM50.00 (Ringgit: Fifty only) shall apply depending on the type of workshop or activity.

4. Should there be any cancellation of a workshop or activity by the NikonClub Malaysia (NCM) 14 (fourteen) days before the commencement of a workshop or activity, no refund shall be made. As such, Clause 2 and /or 2.1 shall apply here. Nevertheless, a full refund of the amount paid will be made in the event a cancellation is announced later than 14 days as required.  Any such refund required shall also be made within 14 days without any interests from the date of the late announcement.

5. NikonClub Malaysia (NCM) reserves the rights to change the terms & conditions, cancel or postpone a class whenever it sees fit before 14 (fourteen) days, should it required to do so in any unforeseen circumstance beyond the Club’s control. However, should such a postponement is required, it shall be posted on the NCM’s website and the participants shall be contacted by email or telephone soonest by the personnel of the NCM.

6. Nikon Centre KL or NikonClub Malaysia is not liable and/or responsible for cost incurred for any personal flight and hotel bookings by participants due to date cancellations and/or postponements of workshops. We advise participants to confirm with us by emailing or telephone or logging on the NikonClub Malaysia website before making their hotels and/or flights reservations latest 14 days before the commencement of a workshop or activity.

7. Participants interested to register or to attend any of the workshops or activity are advised to read the information of each event and also the terms and conditions of it. By paying, the fee for a workshop or activity is deemed to have read and understand the terms and conditions as stated by NCM.

8. All participants participating in any or all of the workshops and activities may do so at their own risks and the organisers or sponsors are not liable for any loss of property, equipment or lives at any one time. Any participant(s) under the age of 16 (Sixteen) are advised to seek parental or guardians approval or company during such an event.

For all enquires: NikonClub Malaysia office is located at
Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur,
1st Floor, East Wing, Berjaya Times Square,1 Jalan
Imbi 55100 Kuala Lumpur.
t: 03 2142 0218/19
f: 03 2142 0229
e: nikoncentre_kl@nikon-asia.com