Nikon Shooting Stars

Date Published: 8/14/2011
Category: Club Activities

(Participants in one of the monthly meeting)

This is an open mentoring program for serious amateurs and emerging photographers by the members of the Nikon teaching advisory panel. A theme will be revealed for each period of a year and invited participants will get to prepare their images through this program for an exhibition.

(Facilitators providing feedbacks on submitted photographs)

Besides, the group will be involved in other photography projects throughout the year, later follow by exhibitions and publications of their selected images. Participants will have to meet regularly, once a month at the Nikon Centre KL or assigned venues to present their works for critic and selection.

Two previous mentoring programs were successfully completed in 2009 and 2010. The Beyond City: Lights and Myths Group Exhibition featuring 13 participants of the 2009 mentoring program was held at the Annexe Gallery in February 2010. In 2010, Shooting Star program featured another 13 photographers with a different theme. The Metaphorical Garden exhibition was presented at the Kuala Lumpur Gallery in May 2011. 

Beyond Our City: Lights and Myths exhibition at the Annexe Gallery, 2010
(Photo by Mohammad Fahmi Mohd Shah)

(Metaphorical Garden exhibition at KL Library Gallery, 2011)

(Nikon Shooting Stars KL 2012/2013)

A good working knowledge of photography is required, participants are required to discuss, willing to work on their images, and open to criticism of their works, with only a limited number of participants will be selected for each project. A regular attendance is expected for participants in this program.