NCM State Liaisons - East Malaysia & Brunei

Date Published: 8/12/2011
Category: NCM State Liaisons

East Malaysia & Brunei - Sabah, Sarawak, Labuan and Brunei.


Calvin Ng

Calvin Ng is the President of SABAH PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHERS' SOCIETY since 2009.
He started his photography journey from camera technical background since 1990 in Singapore

Calvin brings with him over a decade of professional photography experience. He captures spectacular images of Nature & Wildlife and of People & Events in a style of his own

Currently he is professional Nature & Wildlife  photographer for the  tourism industry, he also passionate about the message of his images convey and sees his work as contributing to the appreciation of our precious Nature & Wildlife, hopefully, stimulating us to do the same.



Shahlawaty Shahadan

Waty was born in Grik, Perak but currently residing in Kinarut, Sabah. Although humbly self-professed as still a rookie in photography, she is an avid photographer of portraiture and landscape. She is actively learning new skills and hope to help others to learn as well.



Adeline Choy

Born in Penang, working in Sandakan on sustainability related aspects of the oil palm industry. To her, photography should be fun and creative, keep shooting is the key to get good picture. Travel photography, portrait and pet are her favourite photography subjects.



Andy Pang Ket Vui

Born and raised in Tawau, Andy is an avid amateur photographer with the passion in nature and landscape photography. He started his photography in 2009 with his first Nikon DSLR D60.  He is also interested in portraiture and still life photography as well. He is currently the committee member of Tawau Photographic Society.

Achievements :
1. 2nd place : "Chinese New Year Photography Contest 2011" by (普照寺) Pu Zhao Si Buddha - Tawau.
2. 3rd place : "The beauty of SRJK Kung Ming Photography Contest 2011" - TAWAU.
3. 3rd place : "The Beauty of Buddha Photography Contest 2012" by BLIA Buddha's Light International Association and various local photo contest in consolation prizes.

Nikon Club Photography Exhibition 2012 October at Warisan Square, Kota Kinabalu - SABAH.



Jonathan Tai

Jonathan Tai was born and raised in Kuching, Sarawak, in a photography family. His father is a well-known photographer. Since young Jonathan was already influenced intensely by his father.

Due to his involvement in photography at an early age, he has been very fortunate to acquire the skills and experience in the processes of developing film, enlarging photo, editing photo and negative during the film era. His foundation skills and knowledge in photography were already well developed when young.

In 1992, Jonathan was not contented with what he had learned and decided to further his study in photography in Taiwan. He learned a lot from his 2 tutors who are celebrated photographers in Taiwan as well. This journey helped him significantly in setting his career path later.

In 1994, Jonathan formally took over his father’s wedding photography business. 1997, he received his A.R.P.S. (Associate of the Royal Photographic Society) award.

With more than 20 years of experience in photography, Jonathan is now a wellknown photographer for wedding and portraiture. He is also the President of Sarawak Photo Art Society. He has also served as judge of numerous photography competitions.


Brian Ang

I came across photography at a young age, due to the reason that my father started a photolab business. 

Found out that taking portraits is very interesting as I was studying 4 years in Auckland, New Zealand. There I was also Freelance Photographer for an Australian Company based in New Zealand.  During this time, I had the opportunity to meet & take pictures for the famous bodies from New Zealand such as Dame Kiri te Kanawa (Singer & Musician), and the first lady Prime Minister Mdm Jenny Shipley etc.

In the negative era, I had the chance to learn many techniques in the Dark Room. Now Digital era just makes things easier and fancier.

I received my ARPS award from The Royal Photographic Society of Great Britain in Year 2000. Now also an Advisor in Miri Photographic Society.

My current focus is mainly on Bridal Portrait. Where I am travelling a lot nowadays due to the Destination Pre-Wed Photo trend.


Naising Bin Bega

Naising or better known as Nainet, started learning photography since his school days. He bought his first SLR in 1986 and turned digital in 2008. Nikon D90 was his first Nikon DSLR. His most memorable achievement was being selected as 1st runner-up in the Treasure of The Rainforest Photography Challenge & Seminar in 2009 organised by Alvin Leong & Hilton Kuching in Batang Ai resort, Sri Aman Sarawak. In 2010, he founded a photography club in his hometown of Dalat called Dalat Photography Club(DPC). In 2013, DPC was appointed as official photographer for Mukah Kaul Festival. He is currently doing freelance wedding jobs, events and some accreditation photography job by Sarawak Tourism Board to cover their events namely Rainforest Music Festival(Kuching), Borneo Jazz Festival, and Asia Music Festival(Miri).



Law Yeong Yih

I AM from SIBU. I started my photography journey since year 2010, i like to shoot macro and portrait most of the time. As everyone know, photography is a way that we can tell a story without using words. That's still a long way for me to learn and to discover the world of photography.



Suply Khamis,

Suply Khamis has been seriously involved in photography since 2009. He was regularly offered to become tourism-related event photographer. He has also worked as a wedding photographer and with the government officials. He often conducts classes for free on basic photography to art photography enthusiasts in Labuan. He recently organized the Labuan PhotoHunt in May 2011 in cooperation with local authorities and NGOs

Suply is an independent photographer and an electrical technician at the Labuan Corporation.



Hanisham Salleh

I am a professional photographer currently based in Brunei Darussalam.

My photography is mostly about people.  I think people are the most interesting subjects in all the world.

I am the kind of photographer who loves basic things. Simple with an impact is what I usually do.

My Photography consists of weddings and engagement sessions most of the time; also for Studio & Modern Portraiture, Advertisement and Photojournalism.

All images on this website were photographed by my crew/assistant & myself.

I've been doing assignment Localy (Brunei) to Malaysia, Singapore & London (Video/Photo). All the assignments that I did have brought me many experience, good and bad. But I Love the challenge of working in different environment & culture every time I did my assignments, I enjoys most of the moments where I can interact with different kind of people.

My Philosophy of "Knowing & deliver that your client wants" is what I'm holding to and so far I managed to deliver.

Few of my works were already published in Magazines & Newspaper such as Digital Camera (Malaysia), Copycat (Brunei), and Media Permata & Borneo Bulletin. I also did some shots for our Local Brunei Artists such as Projec-Tunes & Feez Madea, In July 2010, 3 of my Photos were on Display in Kuala-Lumpur, a few commercial Adverts for NBT, BIBD & HSBC.

Still the Official Photographer for GreenCity Concept event Management, for all Redbull events.

I am also the founder & a co-owner of WHITEROOM STUDIO, located in Kiulap, Brunei Muara (Brunei Darussalam)