How do I register for a Nikon Club event?

Date Published: 9/3/2013
Category: FAQ

How do I register for a Nikon Club event?

1.  Browse to
2. Login using your username and password. (How to login?)
3. If you are not yet a member, you can join as member first. (Join Nikon Club Malaysia)
4. Click "Events" on the menu.

5. Find the event you are interested in. Click to see the event details. (Click on picture to enlarge)

6. Make sure the registration is still open. Click on the yellow "Register" button to register. Although most Nikon Club events are free, please read and understand the terms and conditions before you commit to the registration. (click on picture to enlarge)

7. Confirm your registration. (click on picture to enlarge)

8. Check your email. You will receive a confirmation email via your registered email.

9.  Make sure your event registration is confirmed. Click on your profile's "My Event" to make sure the event you have registered is listed.

10. Please be aware that Registration for all event/workshop will close five(5) working days before the actual day of the event/workshop. This is to allow Nikon Malaysia to verify the serial number registered by a registered participating member for the event/workshop, that you are NOT a owner of a GREY set. 

Strictly ONLY Nikon Malaysia purchased camera set with a valid warranty card can enjoy all the Club's privileges in any organised activities and workshops throughout Malaysia.