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Date Published: 8/11/2011
Category: NCM State Liaisons

 Northern States – Penang, Perak, Perlis, Kedah



Kenny Chew

Kenny is a true born and bred Penangnite. He has great fondness for his home state of Penang and passion for photography. He loves to shoot culture, street scenes,  and landscapes. He worked with Nikon Malaysia as technical support for 3 years and has been involved in many Nikon Club Malaysia activities since its inception in 2011. 



Hafizuddin Mohd. Safar

Hafizudin Mohd Safar is interested in photography since childhood. He becomes serious in this hobby. after buying a used Nikon FM2 in 1998 to record his mountaineering expeditions and outdoor recreation activities.  He began his commercial photography life as a photo machine operator and junior photographer at one of the local photography shop in Kangar in 2004.  He has worked as a photographer for Perlis Chief Minister’s Office, stringer cameraman for Bernama TV, NTV7 and EduWebTV, before joining Kosmo! as a stringer reporter.  He sets up Harummanis Studio photography service based in Perlis and currently a freelance sports photographer.  He loves to share his photography experience and always like to learn because photography is a universal and diverse subject waiting to be explored.



Goh Ah Poon

Goh is a full time financial planner with his heart in photography. Born and raised in Ipoh, he loves to appreciate beautiful things and images. Thus, photography becomes a channel for him to express his point of views to the world.  He started photography with a film SLR in the 80s. Three years ago, he shifted to a Nikon DSLR.  Goh hopes to improve on his insights, skills, techniques to be a better photographer and at the same time, helping others who are keen to learn.



Mohd Rizal Ismail (Rizalis)

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Rizalis discovers his interest in photography back in his school days. He bought his first Nikon SLR in 1996 and shoots predominantly macro and landscape. He enjoys travelling with his family to various places to take macro and landscape pictures. With 17 years of photography experience, he has been invited to lecture in various institutions including UUM, Kolej Komuniti Tambun Tulang Perlis, Kolej Komuniti Bandar Darul Aman Jitra. He is also the founder of Malaysia Macro Team. 

Pengalaman dalam photography: Mula meminati bidang fotografi sejak bangku sekolah lagi. Pertama kali membeli kamera slr Nikon filem pada tahun 1996 dan dari situlah bermulanya minat dalam bidang macro dan landscape ini. Mula mengambil gambar dengan bercuti bersama keluarga di merata cerok rantau terutamanya kawasan kawasan pendalaman dan kawasan kawasan hutan untuk mendapatkan gambar gambar macro dan landscape.

Berapa tahun berkecimpung dlm dunia photography: 17

Pencapaian: Menjadi salah seorang penceramah dalam fotography convensyen 2011 di KLCC

Macro Photografi di Majalah 3