Nikon Save My Shots

Date Published: 7/29/2011
Category: Club Activities

This is an open mentoring program for serious amateurs and emerging photographers by the members of the Nikon teaching advisory panel. 

Nikon users and participants that have attended our Nikon workshops are most welcome to join the sessions. The group will be involved in discussions of their images, later follow by exhibitions and publications of their selected images. Participants will have to meet regularly, once a month or in every 2 months  at the selected venues to present their works for critic and selection. Members of the critic panel will review selected images from the participants and share their thoughts on the reading of the images. It is an ideal platform for participants to have their works revealed and seek opinions on their works. Participants must submit 3 to 5 images, required to discuss, willing to work on their images, and open to criticism of their works to enjoy the session.

Please log on to be posted of the dates, meeting venues (to be announced) of this event to register in order to participate. Participation is free and only open to members.