Nikon Club Walkabout 'Here & There'

Date Published: 7/29/2011
Category: Club Activities

This program of 'Here & There', allows Nikon users to experience, share and exchange hands on instructions and feed backs on the usage of the camera. It will also allow users to meet one another of the same interest group to gather information and exchange interests of places, subjects, ideas of photography and a feedback session for the formation of special interest groups to cater for different levels and interest among users.

This will be an ongoing event, at selected towns nationwide, typically from  8.00am to 12.00pm on a weekend, where a Nikon user begins from a place of not knowing what photographers need to know to make what photographers make as ‘art’. In this spirit of not knowing, we attempt to create an environment in which a range of interests and influences can be brought together. This get together is open and with flexibility, to create opportunity for participants and contributors to invent scenarios and possibilities for how to speak and learn together.
Please log on to be posted of the dates, meeting venues (to be announced)  of this event to register in order to participate. Participation is free and only open to members.