Featured Nikon Club Photographer - Salehuddin Lokman

Date Published: 7/18/2012
Category: Behind the Nikon Cameras

1. How did you get started in Photography?
Oct 2010 i bought my first dslr which is D3000. But I got crazy in photography since I bought my D90 which is  June last year. When my wife give me  a present (Tokina 11-16), I more concentrate on Landscape Photography
2. What range and models of equipment do you use?
Here is my list of equipment:
    -Tokina 11-16 f2.8 (a gift from my wife)
    -Tamron 17-50 f2.8
    -nikkor 50mm f1.8
    -SB 600

3. What is your favourite subject(s)?
I am one who loves landscape photography. Spoke with a quiet nature makes my heart

4. How did you know about Nikon Club Malaysia?
From Dr Ali (liaison officer for NCM Pahang)
5. Can you describe briefly of your images. (Please select up to 10 images)

a. Sunset from Tanjung Lumpur Bridge, Kuantan

b. a view before sunrise on the top of panorama hill

c. sunrise view from pullman, putrajaya

d. an afternoon view at Taman Bandar Recreational Park, Indera Mahkota, Kuantan

e. sunset view near my residence at Kampung Padang, Kuantan, Pahang

f. morning view of Masjid Sultan Haji Ahmad Shah, IIUM Kuantan

g. sunrise with ray of light at Pantai Kemayan, Bachok, Kelantan

h. sunset near tembeling resort, kuantan

i. a portraiture of my cousin

j. the motorcycle, taken during I AM Sungai Lembing walkabout

6. Do you have a favourite place for your photography?
In Malaysia, I like Putrajaya and the beaches on the east coast of the peninsula. I also love the view from high places such as mountains and skyscrapers buildings
7. What do you like most about photography?
Photography changes the way I live. from someone who does not care for the environment, I am more concerned now because I'm a fan of landscape photography