Nikon Annual Photo Awards 2018 Rules & Regulations





1.1 This contest is open to all registered Nikon Club Members (Malaysia citizens) for the

 OPEN CATEGORY  (aged 18 years old and above as of 1st January 2018)


1.2  open to all students ( STUDENT CATEGORY- School/College/University- A Level, Certificate/Diploma/Degree Course)



2.1This Contest shall be held (6 calendar months) from 12:00am on Sunday 1st April   2018 to 11:59pm on Sunday 30th September 2018 or such other time that the Organiser shall decide from time to time.



3.1 "WE ARE MALAYSIANS" will be the theme for the duration of this contest for both the categories. Any subject that will portray the daily happenings such as; work, at home, culture and festivals, crafts, heritage, sporting activites, urban and rural lifestyle of Malaysians can be submitted as entries.



4.1 Images captured by cameras can be of any format, using film or digital, in colour or monochrome (black and white) excluding images captured with mobile phone, tablet and/or Personal Digital Assistant. Images must not be submitted before in any contest or event and have won any prizes was given thereto. Image/entry posted has to be in the form of a single image. NO WATER MARK or any form of photographer's identification or copyright mark on the image is advised. Any WATER MARK image/entry will be automatically disqualified.


 4.2 Any form of digital imaging (including sepia, monochrome) or image manipulations (including HDR and IR) is allowed. All shortlisted images/entries are required to submit to the Organisers upon notice thereto, the digital file of high res images that was posted, in the ORIGINAL FULL RESOLUTION with full EXIF data in a CD or through email for verification purposes, failing which the entry will be automatically disqualified from final judging. The Organizers may also at its discretion, request submission of a RAW file image.

  4.3 All entries/ images must be the original creation of the participant/photographer and own the copyright of the image(s), unless written authorization from the creator and/or proprietary owner is provided at the time of verification to avoid a disqualification. Copy right of the image(s) posted remains with the photographer. Where applicable, participant/photographer must hold a model release for model(s) included in the image(s). Should the participant/photographer fail to fulfil this clause, shall indemnify the Organizers for all damages incurred, if any.

4.4 Participant /Photographer shall not submit any pornographic, obscene, political, criminal or adult themes, links, cultural or race discrimination or image(s) that in the Organiser’s sole opinion is/are offensive.



5.1 Images/entries for the OPEN CATEGORY are not allowed to submit/enter for the STUDENT CATEGORY.

As for the OPEN Category, no limit of images (entries) is allowed for a registered member for the period of the posting for this OPEN Category.      

5.2  As for the STUDENT CATEGORY(School/College/University- A Level/Certificate/Diploma/Degree Course), there is  no limit to the number of images (entries)  for  this category are also open to all brands of cameras, subjected to clause 2.1 above.

 5.3 A participant/ photographer is strongly advised to register and to post under 1 (one) name and NOT to create more than one (1) proxy or “second name” post or to use image(s)/entries of others.  Repeated posting of a same image/entry or cross posting on non-related theme/subject(s) is strongly not advised. Failure to adhere to this rule will automatically disqualify a photographer/entry from the final round judging if you are a shortlisted photographer.


 6. JUDGING & RESULTS:      

6.1 For both the categories, a panel of invited judges together will make their picks to shortlist the images and to judge and award points to each shortlisted image/entry (photographer). The final results for the winning participants/photographers shall be based on their total overall awarded contest points accumulated for the images posted and shortlisted after the closing date 30th September 2018.

 6.3 Winners are to be rewarded as follows:


(a) 1st - Best Photographer of the Year: Nikon D850 Body worth RM 15,498.00 + Certificate + Plaque + Nikon 100th Anniversary Limited Edition Souvenirs.

(b) 2nd & 3rd - Special Mention: Nikon D 5600 Kit set with 18mm - 140mm lens worth RM 4,648.00 + Certificate + Plaque

(c)  Consolations: 4th & 5th placing: Nikon P 900 Coolpix worth RM2, 498.00 + Certificate + Plaque


STUDENT CATERGORY- (School/College/University) - 3 PRIZES

(a) 1st - Best Student Photographer: D5600 Body with 18mm - 140mm Lens worth RM 4,648.00 + Certificate + Plaque  

(b) 2nd - Special Mention: P 900 Coolpix worth RM2, 498.00 + Certificate + Plaque  

(c) Consolation: 3rd Placing: Nikon W300 Coolpix worth RM 1,988.00 + Certificate + Plaque


 7. A participant/winner can only win one (1) prize. The Organizers - comprising collectively Nikon Experience Hub Kuala Lumpur, Nikon Club Malaysia ,Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd and the management committee of Nikon Annual Photo Awards 2018  reserves the right to substitute the prizes (with items of equivalent value) in the event of unavailability of stock.

7.1 The organizers also reserved the right to not award any prizes for any of the category of winners, if the entries are below the judges and the organizers' expectations.

8. Staff of Nikon Experience Hub Kuala Lumpur, Nikon (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd, the management committee of Nikon Club Malaysia and the Main Organizing Committee of this contest are not allowed to participate.

 9.0 All shortlisted winners are also required to submit his/her Full Name (as in new I/C or Passport), new I/C/Passport No, postal address, email and telephone/mobile  number  within the stipulated date stated in the Organiser’s email, notifying the said participant being shortlisted.

 10. The results of the contest will be decided by a panel of judges, appointed by the Organizers. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.  


 11.1 The Organizers reserve the absolute rights to exhibit or reproduce any acceptable images (entries) in whatever way deemed fit for exhibitions and for any print based publicity and promotional purposes without prior notice, consent or payment of fee whatsoever to the contestants.

 11.2 By participating in this contest, contestants agree to be bound by these rules and regulations as well as the decisions made by the Organizers and the panel of judges. In addition, he/she have read and understood the rules and regulations stated above and will adhere to these rules and regulations. She/he hereby declares that is the original photographer and that these images do not infringe upon any third party rights. All enquires can be forward to



By signing/participating in this event, you agree that Nikon Club Malaysia, Nikon (Malaysia)  and agents/organisers of this event shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage to property, accident, injury or death, whether direct or indirectly, caused by attending this event. And you shall abide to the rules, terms and conditions of this event as posted.